The Czechoslovak Automobile Club for Moravia and Silesia (ČAMS) was founded on 4th February 1923 and Mr. Tomáš Baťa became the first president of ČAMS. In 1924 club held two very successful races. Long time before it was considered that in the close vicinity of Brno could be organized a car race, however as was modern that time, uphill-race. The suitable track has been searched for a long time, and finally was selected the country road from Kr. Pole to Soběšice, which was also selected as the official track for the 1st International Race Brno-Soběšice. 54 racers at the start and also interest of audience were results of all-out canvassing. Six years of races earned good reputation at home and abroad.

Year 1930 was marked by preparations for the premiere of the Masaryk Circuit. From originally crappy roads, where there was the fear to drive, was growing day by day a great circuit, there were only a few such circuits across Europe. The elite home and abroad racers gathered at start and Mr. von Morgen with Bugatti has the success of the day. The attendance of the Masaryk Circuit premiere was enormous and the race itself had a great response abroad and immediately secured continuing for next years.

The Czechoslovak Automobile Club for Moravia and Silesia organized a large number of sport and social events. For example, race on the circuit on Praděd, Automobile Days in Luhačove Spa, Auto-moto tournaments all over Moravia, various exhibitions and competitions.

ČAMS was again revived in 2014 on the occasion of the Brno Grand Prix Revival on the Masaryk Circuit. Since then it is actively working on the resurrection of the tradition of this First-republic Club, organizing events for the owners of historic vehicles and this year for the first time also the exhibition.


Eliška Junková driving Bugatti became the hero of the day when in 1926 won the uphill-race Brno-Soběšice with absolutely fastest time of car 2:29:6.